1. Using a personal journal to record your thoughts and concepts on a daily basis can be a stress reliever. Writing is a way to be in touch with yourself and the universe about what’s  essential to you. Someone may say ‘That doesn’t make any sense’ or ‘How can writing down a few sentences make anyone feel better. Well, here’s a good way of looking at it. Studies show that physical exercise (aerobics exercise and strength training) can not only improve your health but it can also help clear your mind which is therapy. Fantastic! There are mental exercises that are just as substantial as physical wellness and sports nutrition.

When you write about something that is troubling you, what you are actually doing is looking deep within yourself for the resolution. When you write about cheerful experiences your are predominantly celebrating your blessings and/or the blessings of others.  Ever heard of Kindle Publishing? This a way to upload those wonderful writings and stories to major platforms such as: Amazon, Nook ect. and earn great income. In essence, expressing yourself can and will release some of that built up tension that’s dying to get out. Happy Writing!


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