Say Goodby To Writers Block

I dealt with writers block in my beginning stages of writing and I know  it can be pain in the ass. I developed 3 strategies that I found to be extremely effective.

1. Due Diligence: One of the best ways to overcome writers block is to understand what it is that you are writing about. Most experienced writers don’t have blockage because they are authorities in any market they choose. You want to have rock solid information in any particular niche you choose. Be sure to have a substancial amount of info so you can produce quality content. Additionally, do your research before you begin the writing process.

2. Focus on something else: If you are writing a fiction book, you definitely want to know who the protagonist of the story are. Whenever you find yourself stuck behind the main character, shift your focus on the next character. Wash, rinse, repeat and do this whenever you run into any blocks. Then find a way to make each character relevant to each other.

The same apply when doing non-fiction books except you may not have characters. Let’s just say you are writing a info book on Gambling Addiction. You will want to know all of the points that you want to touch on. For Example, you may want to talk about a hotline for gambling addicts to call, the symptoms and the causes of the addiction etc etc. Whenever you find yourself running low on ideas for one point, just ditch it and go on to the next one. Your mind will grab ideas for the previous points as you write.

3. Go For a brief walk: Walking can help the thoughts that you are looking for flow through your mind. Take the dog with you for a walk on the beach. If the weather is not that great, stay home and tidy up, reorganize your closet or listen to something inspirational but just let your mind wonder. Basically all you are doing is removing yourself from the computer for a short while and doing whatever it is that’s relaxing or even boring.
The key is to always write 1,000 words or more everyday no matter what. Never stop writing!

Hope this helps

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