We don’t need a dictionary to find that the meaning of self esteem is the belief in oneself and their own powers and/or abilities. According to Psychology Today, self esteem is recognized as one’s belief in their own ability to succeed. Though the definition may be easy to come by and just as easy to wrap your head around, practicing self esteem throughout life can be more difficult for some people.


Despite this difficulty, it is a concept that should be pursued with fervor and determination. Having self esteem  in yourself can change everything for the better. Suddenly, the dreams, goals, and desires that you thought were once unattainable now seem to be at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you will leave an easy life. It does, however, carefully equip you with the strength and belief in yourself to overcome the challenges that will surely present themselves. A confident individual  knows what he/she deserves and will persevere to get there.

 Of course, there are many aspects that come to play when we consider self esteem and the belief in ourselves. One important idea that plays a big role in gaining this confidence and maintaining it is in regards to the way you are treated by those around you. It is extremely important to have those surrounding you to treat you in a respectful and dignified way. This is something that, often, can be rather challenging. After all, how can we possibly control the behavior that someone else practices and spills out to the world? Well, we can’t. The truth of it, however, is that you can teach those around you how to treat you. How, you might ask? Great question!


Now, the biggest point to highlight in relation to this is the essentiality of standing up for yourself throughout your day to day interactions. Take a moment to deeply analyze the way that you are treated by the people that are in your life. This can play a huge role in the way that you
feel about yourself. Additionally, recognize the moments and interactions that leave you feeling hurt, frustrated, confused, and ill-treated. Of course, this can help you understand the lack of respect that is being shown by individuals. These feelings are often accompanied by silence from us, for fear of failure or what will happen if we speak up and stand up for ourselves.

We will be treated in a way that we have showed toleration for. We can not allow someone – our job, our partner, our neighbor – to treat us in a abusive way (even slightly). The repercussions on ourselves both now and in the future can be detrimental. 


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