morning jogThe person who jogs in the morning runs the day. A good early run can supercharge your productivity in reaching your day to day goals. Also It will prepare you for what your day has ahead of you. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Go Hard Or Go Home? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Jogging can also make a major contribution to helping you build your self-confidence and is also just as theraputic as writing. You feel good about yourself just knowing that you had the option to stay in bed and flick the channels on the television, but instead, you choose to get up off your butt and hit the streets for a refreshing run. Not to mention, by doing just 15 minutes a day of this cardio will not only play a key component in helping you obtain that dream body you work so hard for, but it can possibly add more days, weeks and even years to your life. Isn’t that great! But you have to wear good running shoes right?

Jogging promotes physical wellness, sports nutrition and is a great form of aerobics exercise which is typically the same as running but a bit slower. Try setting your alarm at 5 or 5:30 a.m. to get a early start on your day. Maybe going to sleep a little earlier the night before can be a option. Of course it can be difficult getting out of bed before the sun is up. Are you planning on running the next (New York City Marathon) marathon? This is a great way train and prepare yourself for the next big race.  Hey, why not start tomorrow? I purchased a pair running shoes last month and they are great. Check it out I think you will like.

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