Never forget how awesome and amazing you are because, there is no one on earth like you. CONFIDENCE: Stand Up For Yourself And Love Who You Are will explain the ultimate significance of evolving into the courageous self-assured man/woman you wish to be and it all starts by loving yourself first.
Inside you will understand everything you need to know about building your self-confidence by setting the right types of goals, retraining your brain, getting healthy, learning to love yourself and, when all else fails, faking it until you make it. Enhancing your overall level of self-confidence is, literally, akin to improving your self-worth which will help you along the way.
In this book you will find the importance of

~ Maintaining a great APPEARANCE
~ Building MOMENTUM through exercising and eating healthy
~ OVERCOMING the fear of uncertainty
~ Setting GOALS
~ Making EYE CONTACT when speaking and always give a FIRM HANDSHAKE
~ The 7 best ways to fake it until you make it
~ And so much more

Do you want to possess the full ability to achieve any desire that interest you? Would you like to wake up every morning feeling fresh and positive just knowing that the world is yours? Do you often daydream of approaching your life with the self-confidence you wish you had? Nearly 50 percent of all adults exhibit a dearth of self-confidence when it matters most and suffer for it in nearly every aspect of their lives. If this sounds like you then, Confidence: Stand Up for Yourself and Love Who You Are is the book for you been waiting for.